Sculpey 3 Polymer Clay is America's original oven bake clay! Sculpey is soft and pliable, and works and feels like ceramic clay, but will not dry out when exposed to air. Shape, bake, and once cool, can be sanded, drilled, carved, glues, inked,...

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Wilton cookie cutter set with menagerie of favorite animal shapes. Includes shapes of cats, birds and butterflies, reptiles and more! The plastic container is not needed for the use of this product, it is just the container that holds the...

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The Sculpt Pro 11 Piece Art Kit is the all-in-one pottery kit - just add sculpting material. Sculpt Pro has all the tools you need to shape and mold a finished design in no time. Each piece is double sided and comes with an easy to grip handle....

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Make silly Play-Doh characters. Creative kids can roll, cut and make all kinds of great Play-Doh creations with this super-fun playset. Includes two five-ounce cans of Play-Doh and lots of Play-Doh accessories. Includes 2 five-ounce cans of...

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These brightly colored, durable plastic tools offer a versatile and creative assortment for cutting, flattening, etc. Set of 5 assorted tools. Set of 5 Handy Tools For Working With Clay. Cutters, rollers, and molders help you create your creation....

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Martha Stewart Crafts White Crafter's Clay can be molded using silicone molds (sold separately) or free form to create dimensional embellishments, flowers, figurines, and so much more. Non-toxic molding compound air-dries in 24 hours - no baking...

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Play-Doh Learn About Shapes and Numbers Set includes 16 cutters, scissors and roller accessoriesMore than 20 pieces in the Play-Doh Chalkboard SetMake learning about letters, shapes and numbers fun with the cutters4 three-ounce cans of Play-Doh...

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Mold all kinds of clay creations with or without the Alex Toys Deluxe Pottery Wheel! No baking needed, just let your creations dry in the air. This package contains 2 lbs of air dry clay (1 each of gray and terracotta clay). Pottery Wheel sold...

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Rev up your imagination and get ready for some build 'n bash action with Play-Doh Diggin' Rigs toys! These playsets on wheels let you build your own rough 'n rumble world with a silly, creative twist. Your Rowdy the Garbage Truck friend can't...

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